Public Housing

In 1937, public housing established the United States Housing Act. Now, public housing is provided for low-income, disabled, elderly, and other types of families in need of a safe and functional home that meets their rent capabilites.

The THA maintains a waiting list for applicants interested in the various public housing programs. All admissions to public housing shall be made on the basis of a pre-application in such form as the THA shall prescribe. The Application for Admission shall constitute the basic record of each family applying for admission. All supplemental materials pertaining to eligibility shall also be considered a part of the application record and carefully recorded. This includes verification of income and family composition and such other data as may be required. The THA does not provide emergency housing and cannot modify the order of assignments otherwise prescribed because of emergency considerations.

If you are interested in being housed in one of our public homes, please review our applicant eligibility information by clicking the link below.

Applicant Eligibilty